Rwanda's newest sugar refinery

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The Rwandan government has authorized investors from Mauritius to establish a sugar processing plant in the Eastern Province.

This initiative aims to bolster Rwanda's self-sufficiency in sugar production. Presently, Rwanda's sugar production capacity stands at 10,000 tonnes annually. The proposed factory, however, is set to significantly boost this figure by producing an additional 100,000 tonnes each year. By 2023 end, Rwanda anticipates a sugar demand of approximately 160,000 tonnes.

To meet its annual demand of 90,000 tonnes, Rwanda imports around 80,000 tonnes of sugar every year.

The construction of the new sugar factory, which is projected to cost between $250 million and $300 million, represents a strategic effort to enhance Rwanda's sugar production capabilities. Currently, the country relies on a single sugar factory, which struggles to satisfy the growing demand.

According to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rwanda could face an annual expense of $150 million by 2023 to import sugar if no proactive measures are taken. This new factory is a key step towards averting such costs.

In addition to sugar production, the factory plans to diversify its operations by incorporating an ethanol production unit. This facility will produce ethanol, a clean and renewable alcohol-based fuel, using fermented sugarcane juice and molasses, a sugarcane by-product.

Looking further ahead, the factory also intends to establish a facility for generating 25 megawatts of energy from bagasse, a residue of sugarcane.

With these additional projects, the total investment in the sugar factory is estimated to be in the range of $200 million to $300 million. The factory is slated to commence sugar production in six years. After absorbing the initial substantial investment costs, the factory is expected to save Rwanda approximately $150 million annually in sugar import expenses.


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