Indianapolis Zoo Welcomes Newborn Rhino Calf on Super Bowl Sunday

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Zenzele and her calf.


Amid the frenzy of Super Bowl Sunday, the Indianapolis Zoo witnessed a momentous occasion as a 19-year-old rhinoceros named Zenzele welcomed her seventh calf into the world.

Born at 9:13 a.m. local time, the baby rhino marks the zoo's first live-birth white rhinoceros calf. The news was announced with delight via a press release and social media post.

Senior rhinoceros keeper, Amber Berndt, expressed confidence in Zenzele's maternal instincts, stating, "Zenzele is an experienced and confident mom, and everything is going very well." Both mother and calf are reported to be in good health and spirits, under the attentive care of the zoo's Life Sciences team.

Dr. Robert Shumaker, President & CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo, commended the staff for their dedication, emphasizing the importance of caring for these majestic creatures and advocating for their conservation.

Zenzele and her calf.


As part of the initial bonding process, the mother and calf will spend time together indoors before being introduced to the three other rhinoceroses residing at the Indianapolis Zoo. Among them is Gloria, Zenzele's grandmother and the newborn's great-grandmother.

The birth of the rhino calf adds to the Indianapolis Zoo's ongoing efforts in wildlife conservation and education, highlighting the significance of protecting endangered species for future generations.

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