Border Collie Star Messi Attends Oscars Luncheon, Meets Ryan Gosling

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The spotlight shone on Messi, the border collie sensation from "Anatomy of a Fall," as he graced the Oscars Nominees Luncheon in Los Angeles on Monday. The talented canine, known for his role as Snoop in the acclaimed film, traveled all the way from France for the prestigious event, accompanied by his trainer Laura Martin Contini.

At the luncheon, Messi charmed fellow celebrities, catching the attention of none other than Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling, who exchanged waves with the furry star. NEON, the U.S. distributor of the film, also captured a memorable moment when Bradley Cooper met Messi.

In "Anatomy of a Fall," Messi's portrayal as Snoop, the guide dog to blind 11-year-old Daniel, has earned him accolades for his captivating performance in the French courtroom drama. Directed and co-written by Justine Triet, the film follows the story of Sandra Voyter, a renowned German novelist, on trial in France for the alleged death of her husband, Samuel.

'Anatomy of a Fall' star Messi at the Academy Award Nominees Luncheon.


Daniel, portrayed by Milo Machado Graner, finds solace in his faithful guide dog, who becomes a pivotal witness in the gripping courtroom drama. Their bond amidst the media frenzy surrounding the trial adds depth and emotion to the narrative, captivating audiences worldwide.

As Messi continues to steal hearts both on and off the screen, his presence at the Oscars Luncheon marks another milestone in his burgeoning career, showcasing the enduring appeal of canine stars in cinema.

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